Psychic Shelley Hofberg will be a Vendor at the Metaphysical Expo in Irvine, CA on 6 July 2019.

Metaphysical Expo 6July2019


The Burundi Brahman is back from the jungle – and she’s focused on discovering the hidden nature of your Pet. This is an Old World Pet Reading. Discover the hidden wisdom within your family friend. What are they here to do for you? What do they intrinsically know?

At the “Out of Africa” expo, held in Irvine, CA at the Museum of Woman – an exposition of Spiritual Living Expos.

ASK FOR “the Pet Psychic.” She’s the only one at the show.

BOOK EARLY: Shelley Hofberg will be featured in the main building Studio – instant access, and she will be open early for VIP 10 am customer Registrations – no need to wait in line.

ANIMAL RESCUE is a sub-theme of the Expo, and to organizations will be on hand. Adopt our featured German Shepperd dogs, and get insight from pet psychics and Animal Rights groups right at the exposition.

You may book an early-bird VIP REGISTRATION appointment directly at:

Shelley’s Website

Reservations for 10 am – noon

“OUT OF AFRICA’ is a Metaphysical exposition with Psychic/Medium/Clairvoyants, Tarot Readers and Intuitives, Healers, Speakers and Authors, Jewelry and Fashion vendors. Exotic food will be available for purchase, and complimentary appetizers are being offered. Wine Bar is available. Rose water is complimentary.

Spiritual Living Expos

Speaker List, Vendors

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